Empowering Women to Enjoy and Embrace Life Naturally

YAY, YOU’RE HERE! I want to encourage you to enjoy life, no matter what your age.

So many times we discover something new about life at our age and wish we’d had someone to clue us in on all the things!

Throughout the pages on this website, we can share our experiences with one another. Communication is a two-way street, and feedback is not only welcomed here, but it’s also encouraged! So please share whatever you’re thinking here.

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I’m Rebecca!

Loving life after 50 and encouraging you to do the same, naturally.

My goal was to make my fifth decade on earth the best one yet. As I looked around at all of the beautiful women entering their fifties with me, I was just amazed at the lives we’ve lived and the journey we’ve been on and the knowledge we’ve accumulated. How could I not create a place where we could gather together and share this wisdom with one another?

While you are here, I hope you’ll meet some new friends as well as gain tips and strategies on how to live life more naturally.

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Menopause and More

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